Storage Unit for the Spirit House
Storage Unit for the Spirit House

With sharp focus and startling language, the poems in Maw Shein Win's second book, Storage Unit for the Spirit House, look through physical objects to glimpse the ephemeral, the material, and the immaterial. Vinyl records, felt wolverines, a belt used to punish children, pain pills, and "show dogs with bejeweled collars" crowd into Win's real and imagined storage units. Nats, Buddhist animist deities from her family’s homeland of Burma, haunt the book’s six sections. The nats, spirits believed to have the power to influence everyday lives, inhabit the storage units and hover around objects while forgotten children sleep under Mylar blankets and daughters try to see through the haze of a father’s cigarette smoke.

Assemblages of both earthly and noncorporeal possessions throughout the collection become resonant and alive, and Win must summon "a circle of drums and copper bells" to appease the nats who have moved into a long-ago family house. This careful curation of unlikely objects and images becomes an act of ritual collection that uses language to interrogate how pain in life can transform someone into a nat or a siren that lives on. Restrained lines request our imagination as we move with the poet through haunted spaces and the objects that inhabit them.

Title Storage Unit for the Spirit House
Edition First Edition
Author Maw Shein Win
Publisher Omnidawn Publishing
Title First Published 07 November 2020
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 88 p.
Product Detail 1 Trade paperback (US)
ISBN-10 163243086X
ISBN-13 9781632430861
Publication Date 07 November 2020
Main content page count 88
Dimensions 6 x 0.4 x 9 in.
Weight 16 oz.

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