Bogeyman Dawn
Bogeyman Dawn
Raina J. León

In Boogeyman Dawn, Raina Leon explores the space between some of our worst nightmares and the awakening of hope. Leon does not look away from even the rawest of wounds in the psyche, the flesh, and the social body, but it is through carefully wrought images and patiently distilled language that she entices us to follow her gaze and trust that dawn will come. As Leon guides us through her shifting landscape, though she confesses to moments of despair, she always gives witness to the re-emergence of hope.

Title Bogeyman Dawn
Author Raina J. León
Publisher Salmon Publishing
Title First Published 03 February 2014
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 94 p.
ISBN-10 190883658X
ISBN-13 9781908836588
Publication Date 03 February 2014
Main content page count 94
Weight 16 oz.

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