Lost Profiles

Lost Profiles
Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism
Translated by Alan Bernheimer
Foreword by Mark Polizzotti
Afterword by Ron Padgett

Press Reviews

National Post

"[C]harming . . . a brief account by a perceptive writer who was on the scene when modernity was young."—Robert Fulford


"The attraction of this little book pivots on the first word of its subtitle. Memoirs, yes, but not only just that, considering their author––along with André Breton and Louis Aragon—is a founder of Parisian Dada and surrealism. Charming, deft, the profiles that the author paints of those he knew, and one he didn't, though all to him were friends in truth or feeling, reach out and ever so subtly ensnare. It is not that they reveal anything completely new after nearly a century of scholarship and criticism. Nor is that the point. But freshness is a value, both personal and poetic that, for Soupault, is as natural as breath."––Allan Graubard

Kirkus Reviews

"First published in 1963, this charming collection of reminiscences by surrealist poet Philippe Soupault offers warm, generous, appreciative profiles of some of his famous contemporaries. … Sharp, stylish, and anecdotal, the book offers a fresh glimpse into a fertile artistic world."

Publishers Weekly

"In [Alan] Bernheimer's graceful translations, Soupault's little reflections on many of his contemporaries give readers the poet’s own insights into a host of literary giants … For anyone interested in early 20th-century literary and artistic movements, Bernheimer’s translation is a worthy event."

Northwest Review of Books

"Lost Profiles offers witty and unexpurgated views of a daring era in the Arts when the world became shatteringly altered. These are the memories shared some forty odd years later by one actively involved with multiple fellow players in various scenes of the time. It's a delightful, thought-provoking read that will have those who are already familiar with the material returning to favorite books, while those who are unfamiliar will be busy becoming acquainted with marvelous characters from a key period in world literary history. Even more importantly, Lost Profiles signals a necessary reminder of how much joy there is to be found in discovering terrific, epochal texts freshly translated."––Patrick Dunagan