The Literary Conference
The Literary Conference
Translated by Katherine Silver

New in the New Directions Pearls series: an extremely rich mad scientist attempts to clone a leading genius in a bid to take over the world. César is a translator who's fallen on very hard times due to the global economic downturn; he is also an author, and a mad scientist hell-bent on world domination. On a visit to the beach he intuitively solves an ancient riddle, finds a pirate’s treasure, and becomes a very wealthy man. Even so, César’s bid for world domination comes first and so he attends a literary conference to be near the man whose clone he hopes will lead an army to victory: the world-renowned Mexican author, Carlos Fuentes. A comic science fiction fantasy of the first order, The Literary Conference is the perfect vehicle for César Aira’s take over of literature in the 21st century. .

Title The Literary Conference
Author César Aira
Translated by Katherine Silver
Publisher New Directions
Dewey Classification 863.64
Title First Published 25 May 2010
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 96 p.
ISBN-10 0811218783
ISBN-13 9780811218788
Publication Date 25 May 2010
Main content page count 96
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $9.95

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