On the Road
On the Road
The Original Scroll
Edited by Howard Cunnell

In introducing the fabled first draft of Kerouac's autobiographical novel – written on a single giant roll of paper, without breaks in the text, in an amphetamine-fueled marathon – editor Howard Cunnell refers to Allen Ginsberg's claim that "the published novel is not at all like the wild book Kerouac typed in '51." Characters are identified by their real names (rather than the 1957 version's apt pseudonyms) and their love affairs are more explicit, giving the book a juicy memoir-like feel, especially where Cassady and Ginsberg are concerned. The plot, however, is identical. Neal Cassady joins Kerouac and Ginsberg's bohemian circle in New York in the late 1940's, and inspires and cons them into traveling around the country, "searching for a lost inheritance, for fathers, for family, for home, even for America." The death of Kerouac's father plays a larger role in the story than in the 1957 version; and Justin W. Brierly, a teacher who served as mentor to Cassady and has a cameo in the published book, makes a series of recurring appearances in the scroll. The lack of paragraphs or chapters emphasizes the breathless intensity of Kerouac's prose. The anniversary publicity will introduce this classic to a new generation of readers, and while the scroll probably won't displace the novel's more familiar, polished incarnation, it will be of keen interest to beat aficionados and scholars. – Publishers Weekly

Title On the Road
Subtitle The Original Scroll
Author Jack Kerouac
Edited by Howard Cunnell
Publisher Viking
Title First Published 16 August 2007
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 416 p.
ISBN-10 067006355X
ISBN-13 9780670063550
Publication Date 16 August 2007
Main content page count 416
Weight 32 oz.

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