It Chooses You
It Chooses You
Photographs by Brigitte Sire

July is an incredible artist. She's also a film director, actress and screenwriter (Me and You and Everyone We Know) and this book chronicles her strange yet endlessly intriguing creative process. She finds herself with writer's block during the creation of her screenplay The Future when she resolves to interview random strangers who had advertised in the L.A. Penny Saver. If you find human beings fascinating—how they work, play, love and live their lives—then you will absolutely adore this book. —Recommended by Anah, City Lights Books

In the summer of 2009 Miranda July was struggling to write her second screenplay, The Future, when she began to obsessively read the PennySaver classified ads. The iconic Los Angeles newsprint booklet served a computerless demographic—a quickly disappearing group, but one rife with stories. Who was the person selling the LARGE LEATHER JACKET, $10 OR BEST OFFER? It seemed important to find out, or, at least it was a great distraction from the screenplay.

Working with photographer Brigitte Sire, July interviewed thirteen PennySaver sellers to create portraits of their surprisingly moving, profoundly specific realities. Among these was Joe, an energetic 82-year-old with his own sweetly perverse body of artwork. By the end of the summer, July had written Joe into the movie as himself and the voice of the moon.

July reveals her hilariously random and blindly faithful creative process as we travel with her all over the city, and eventually to the set of The Future (in theaters in July). Combining narrative, interviews, and photographs, this book tells the story not only of the making of a movie in Los Angeles, but of the city itself.

Title It Chooses You
Author Miranda July
Photographs by Brigitte Sire
Publisher McSweeney's
Title First Published 17 July 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 208 p.
ISBN-10 1938073010
ISBN-13 9781938073014
Publication Date 17 July 2012
Main content page count 208
Weight 16 oz.

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