Almost Blue
Almost Blue
City Lights Noir
Translated by Oonagh Stransky

Press Reviews

"Almost Blue... has a nice punkish flavor in Oonagh Stransky’s translation from the Italian.... it’s a thrill being in that darkened room with Simone as he eavesdrops on the killer.... Eerie." - Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

". . . wonderful . . . the writing through most of the book is tight, the blind man’s view of the world through his ears intensely imagined, and the streets of the solemn city wholly engaging." - Washington Post

"Lucarelli's Italian Noir flows with vivid sensuality: as I read it I could almost hear the sultry saxophone moaning a dim back-alley refrain.... Almost Blue is unique in its explicit use of sound as a central tool in the story's development." - Jessica L'Esperance, SOMA Magazine