John Barleycorn
John Barleycorn
Jack London

Introduction by Pete Hamill

I would say that London is one of the best fiction writers to ever hold the pen. But these tales are more of a memoir of the man himself—a poor Bay Area native whose words of travel and woe and drunkenness and poetry would later give birth to the Kerouacs and Bukowskis of the world. This book is a pure adventurous joy. Raise your glass high! Cheers! –-Recommended by Don, City Lights Books

Jack London cut a mythic figure across the American landscape of the early twentieth century. But throughout his colorful life–from his teenage years as an oyster pirate to his various incarnations as a well-traveled seaman, Yukon gold prospector, waterfront brawler, unemployed vagrant, impassioned socialist, and celebrated writer–he retained a predilection for drinking on a prodigious scale. London's classic "alcoholic memoirs"–the closest thing to an autobiography he ever wrote–are a startlingly honest and vivid account of his life not only as a drinker, but also as a storied adventurer. Richly anecdotal and beautifully written, John Barleycorn stands as the earliest intelligent treatment of alcohol in American literature, and as an intensely moving document of one of America's finest writers. This Modern Library Paperback Classic includes illustrations from the original edition.

Title John Barleycorn
Author Jack London
Introduction by Pete Hamill
Publisher Modern Library
Title First Published 11 September 2001
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 256 p.
ISBN-10 0375757929
ISBN-13 9780375757921
Publication Date 11 September 2001
Main content page count 256
Weight 16 oz.

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