Paycheck And Other Classic Stories
Paycheck And Other Classic Stories

Electronic mechanic Jennings wakes up with no memory of the past two years of his life -- except that he had agreed to work for Retherick Construction.Payment for his services, now completed, is a bag of seemingly worthless objects: a code key, a ticket stub, a receipt, a length of wire, half a poker chip, a piece of green cloth and a bus token.But when he is confronted by the Special Police, who seem to be investigating Retherick for their own reasons, Jennings finds himself running for his life, realizing that the "worthless" objects are the key to unlocking his recent past, and ensuring that he has a future.

Viewed by many as the greatest science fiction writer on any planet, Philip K. Dick has written some of the most intriguing, original and thought-provoking fiction of our time. He has been described by The Wall Street Journal as the man who, "More than anyone else…really puts you inside people's minds."

Title Paycheck And Other Classic Stories
Author Philip K. Dick
Publisher Citadel
Title First Published 01 September 2003
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 432 p.
ISBN-10 0806526300
ISBN-13 9780806526300
Publication Date 01 September 2003
Main content page count 432
Weight 16 oz.

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