Trance Archive

Trance Archive
New and Selected Poems; City Lights Spotlight No. 3

Press Reviews

Poetry Flash

"Joron's fascinations have itched and procreated through a poetic career, which Trance Archive celebrates. They are fascinating, entrancing."

The Midwest Book Review

"An anthology of [Joron's] work from his best to his rarest, to others, anyone who wants an introduction to Joron's work would do well with Trance Archive, a top pick for poetry collections."

TheThe Poetry Blog

"Joron is one of the few poets who has identified and embraced the possibility for surrealism and Language poetry to coexist in productive synergy. . . . [He] pioneers a unique hybrid 'genre' of surrealism and science fiction . . . Whether the surrealist project was abandoned ('destroyed') or never fully realized ('not-yet-invented'), Joron's work ambitiously attempts to resuscitate it by merging it with the 21st century version of Marxist poetry and making it relevant to post-structuralism."

The Nation

"If the densely covered sheets of what I'm tempted to call [Alice] Notley's 'trance-scriptions' were reduced to their barest minimum, the distillate might be the kind of poem found in Andrew Joron's 'Trance Archive: New and Selected Poems.' " —Steve Evans

Tillalala Chronicles

"Joron, far more so than any other of his contemporaries, is a magician, an alchemist of words; his work is modern, has a contemporary freshness to it, yet also has an undertone of antiquity, of ivy-clad towers and ancient residues. . . . Reading his work is like entering a hall of mirrors."
—John Olson

Esther Press

"In just the fourth month of this new year, I can absolutely guarantee that this will be one of the most cherished books, most agile of lyric wonders, by the end of it."