The Tyranny of E-mail
The Tyranny of E-mail
The Four-Thousand-Year Journey to Your Inbox

There’s no question that e-mail is an incredible phenomenon that represents a kind of cultural and technological advancement. The first e-mail was sent less than forty years ago; by 2011, there will be 3.2 billion e-mail users. The average corporate worker now receives upwards of two hundred e-mails per day. The flood of messages is ceaseless and follows us everywhere.In The Tyranny of E-mail, John Freeman takes an entertaining look at the unrelenting nature of correspondence through the ages. Put down your smart phone and consider the consequences. As the toll of e-mail mounts, reducing our time for leisure and contemplation and separating us in an unending and lonely battle with the overfull inbox, John Freeman—one of America’s preeminent literary critics—enters a plea for communication that is more selective and nuanced and, above all, more sociable.

Title The Tyranny of E-mail
Subtitle The Four-Thousand-Year Journey to Your Inbox
Author John Freeman
Publisher Scribner
Title First Published 10 January 2011
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 256 p.
ISBN-10 1416576746
ISBN-13 9781416576747
Publication Date 11 January 2011
Main content page count 256
Weight 16 oz.

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