The Awakener

The Awakener
A Memoir of Kerouac and the Fifties

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Helen Weaver Is The Awakener

"Helen Weaver is a literary spark plug. Readers will observe her well-crafted prose as being both straight-thinking and sophisticatedly sharp. Her memoir is The Awakener, and it offers a fine glimpse into her passionate (yet troubled) relationship with famed American writer Jack Kerouac during the mid-1950s. Weaver's book is as profound as it is humble. It’s clear to anyone who’s already partaken in Weaver’s narrative that she does a fine job offering heartfelt honesty."

-Tony R. Rodriguez, East Bay Literary Examiner Mar 1, 2010

Beatdom Issue Five

"Recent history has seen the women in the life of Jack
Kerouac finally bring to public attention their side of
the story. Portrayed in his work in what some deem a
sexist manner, they have been releasing memoirs and
telling the world about Kerouac. ...

Now it's Helen Weaver’s turn.

Weaver met Kerouac and Ginsberg in 1953 and was
carried away by the Beats. She soon became Kerouac’s
girlfriend, and in her book, The Awakener: A Memoir
of Kerouac and the Fifties
, she offers a wonderful,
personal picture of the Beat Generation and the 1950s
Greenwich Village scene."

Read Wills' interview with Weaver starting on page 66.

-D.S. Wills, City of Recovery Press Feb 1, 2010

Full Moon Rising: Jack Kerouac - A Study in Contradictions

"In Doctor Sax Jack Kerouac writes: It was in Centralville I was born...on Lupine Road, March 1922, at five o'clock in the afternoon. A birth time on the hour is always regarded with suspicion, so when I began work on this book in 1990 (yes, it’s been in the works for 19 years: an eclipse cycle!), I hired astrologer Laurence Ely to rectify the time. Afterextensive study of a vast number of events in Kerouac’s life I supplied him with, he confirmed the 5:00 PM. time."

-Helen Weaver, National Council for Geocosmic Research Dec 1, 2009

Interview with Helen Weaver

"Hot off the press, here is the e-mail interview granted me by Helen Weaver, author of The Awakener: A Memoir of Kerouac and the Fifies. I owe Helen a huge 'thank you' for giving me the opportunity to interview her, and, as you'll see, for her care in answering with such enthusiasm and detail. I hope this interview inspires readers to order a copy of The Awakener and revisit some of Jack's writings."

-Rick Dale, The Daily Beat Nov 17, 2009

Reluctant Romeo

"Jack Kerouac, so a long trail of iconic photographs tell us, spent most of his life alone on the road or in the company of his gang of male friends (pictured above, top left with Lucien Carr and Allen Ginsberg) -- at least when he wasn't at home taking care of his mother. One of his girlfriends, in fact, was famously airbrushed from a photograph used by the Gap clothing company in a blatant effort to enhance the romance of his lifelong singularity.

But all that has changed now that a girl from his past has written of their shared and lost love. Helen [Weaver's] new excellent memoir about her relationship with Jack [is called] The Awakener, published by City Lights."

-Audrey Sprenger, The Nomad Motel Nov 1, 2009

Helen Weaver: The Awakener

"Helen Weaver's book The Awakener: A Memoir of Kerouac and the 50s is now in stores, after nearly 20 years in the making. Weaver, whom Kerouac immortalized as Ruth Heaper in Desolation Angels, was one of the 'two Helens' who awoke one snowy, cold December morning in 1956, to Allen, Peter and Jack freshly returned from Mexico with no place to stay. More details at City Lights online.", the Allen Ginsberg Project Oct 28, 2009