Entering Fire
Entering Fire

Press Reviews

"Entering Fire displays a cheerfully gruesome audacity and an imagination both lively and bizarre." - The New York Times

"Entering Fire is about the metaphoric and potentially evil properties of language; it is about origins and motives of myth-making. This is a novel of ideas (often strange ideas) that is sustained throughout by brilliant writing." - London Sunday Times

"Far from being an escapist fantasy, Entering Fire takes on some of the biggest issues of the 20th century... For sheer power, inventiveness and verbal density, (it) is the best read I've come across for a long time." - The Observer

"A drastically beautiful comic writer who stitches sentences together as if Proust had gone into partnership with Lenny Bruce." - City Limits

"...imaginative and unbridled fantasy." - Le Monde

"...an imagination and a style as captivating as it is devastating." - Lire

"Unlike anything you've ever read before." - L'Express