Fine Fine Music
Fine Fine Music
Cassie J. Sneider

Judd Apatow should collaborate with Cassie Sneider on his next screenplay, as she's a terrific writer who fearlessly mines her suburban life in this collection of stories that is guaranteed to bring you joy. I was blown away by her performance at our book release party for City Lights' new Sister Spit anthology, and encourage you to seek her out if you see her name on the bill. —Recommended by Stacey, City Lights Publishers

Fine Fine Music is a collection of stories about the other side of rock and roll and coming of age in the land that time forgot. Lake Ronkonkoma is stuck in 1981, an alcoholic blackout of unnaturally tan people waxing their Camaros to Foreigner on cassette and knowing the words to every Billy Joel song whether you want to or not. From an internship making Seamonkey costumes, a childhood fear of My Buddy dolls, and a heartbreaking crush on Aerosmith, funny lady Cassie J. Sneider delivers her tales of growing up in a land of fist-pumping Snookies with the antagonistic wit of a record store clerk.

Title Fine Fine Music
Subtitle Stories
Author Cassie J. Sneider
Publisher Bunk Bed Press
Title First Published 18 November 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 146 p.
ISBN-10 0985038500
ISBN-13 9780985038502
Publication Date 18 November 2012
Main content page count 146
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $15.00

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