Impeaching the President
Impeaching the President
Past, Present, and Future

Appearance on Democracy Now!
Feb 9, 2021

The historic second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump marks the first time a president will face impeachment after leaving office, and many Republicans claim the trial of a former president is unconstitutional. But most legal experts disagree. "Of course the Senate can conduct this trial," says Alan Hirsch, author and chair of the Justice and Law Studies program at Williams College. He says doing otherwise would give presidents a “get-out-of-impeachment-free card” at the end of their terms. Since the U.S. was founded, the Senate has conducted just three other presidential impeachment trials: Andrew Johnson in 1868, Bill Clinton in 1999 and Donald Trump in 2020. The House's second impeachment of Trump came a week before his term ended for inciting the deadly insurrection in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, which was aimed at stopping lawmakers from counting the Electoral College votes.

Essay on Common Dreams
Jan 20, 2020

Alan Hirsch | Bring It On: Why Democrats Should Take the Hunter Biden for John Bolton Trade 

Op-Ed by Alan Hirsch
Jan 1, 2020

"Impeachment Heroes: Past, Present, Future: Republican senators like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Cory Gardner, and Lamar Alexander—history has its eyes on you." By Alan Hirsch

Review in Survival: Global Politics and Strategy
Dec 1, 2019

"This lucid guide to the history and politics of impeachment was written before House Democrats finally decided to launch an impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump. But that decision makes it even more timely. Alan Hirsch rightly views presidential impeachment with caution . . ."—David C. Unger, Survival: Global Politics and Strategy  (Dec 2019/Jan 2020 issue)

Essay on Common Dreams
Nov 13, 2019

"Why This Impeachment Skeptic Changed His Mind"
"When a rotten administration repeatedly seeks to gain an improper advantage at the ballot box, it no longer makes sense to regard the ballot box as the only means of removing the president from office.”—Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch discusses impeachment on CNN's "New Day"
Oct 16, 2019

"What Would It Take: Can Impeachment Appear Legitimate in a Hyper-Partisan Universe" by Carlos Lozada, “The Washington Post”
Jan 25, 2019

"When scholars argue that the removal of a president must be bipartisan, they are expressing less an opinion than a historical fact. Nixon still enjoyed the support of roughly a quarter of American voters when he resigned, and he could have counted on some 10 to 15 Republican votes in the Senate, writes Williams College legal scholar Alan Hirsch in Impeaching the President. But the public would have accepted his removal, Hirsch explains, because significant numbers of Republicans in both chambers supported it."

Alan Hirsch at Grace Cathedral's "The Forum," in conversation with Malcolm Young
Jan 20, 2019

Ralph Nader interviews Alan Hirsch
Jan 12, 2019

Ralph Nader engages in a spirited debate with Constitutional scholar Alan Hirsch, author of Impeaching the President: Past, Present, and Future, about how the history of impeachment informs the case for possibly impeaching Donald Trump.

Mitch Jeserich interviews Alan Hirsch on KPFA's " Letters and Politics"
Jan 9, 2019

Interview on KSFR - Part Two
Dec 12, 2018

Interview on KSFR - Part One
Dec 10, 2018

Interview on WBAI's "Law and Disorder"
Nov 26, 2018

"Impeaching the President" featured in Publisher's Weekly’s “A Political Book Bonanza”
Nov 2, 2018

"With a myriad of controversies swirling around Trump and his administration, it's no surprise that books either arguing for or against his being removed from office have been rushed into print. . . . Alan Hirsch’s Impeaching the President: Past, Present, and Future (City Lights, Nov.) will take a historical approach by examining the impact upon three previous presidencies of impeachment, and the possible impact if Trump is impeached."—Claire Kirch

Interview with Alan Hirsch on "The Progressive Forum" KPFT Houston, TX
Oct 25, 2018

The interview begins at the 11:55 minute mark.

Essay on McSweeney's: "Avoid the I Word"
Oct 22, 2018

"Because democracy is too easily subverted, I commit to promoting victory at the ballot box rather than prematurely calling for the president's impeachment. Democrats running for Congress this November, and their supporters, should avoid the I word: sometimes inaction is the best form of action. Calls for Donald Trump's impeachment began almost as soon as the ballots were counted. In a different universe, the fact that fewer ballots were cast for him than for his opponent would have kept him out of office, but, as another notorious Donald (Rumsfeld) sort of said, you must deal with the universe you’re in, not the one you wish for."—Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch discusses "Impeaching the President: Past, Present, and Future"
Jun 26, 2018

In this short video, Alan Hirsch briefly discusses the impeachment process in America.

Publishers Weekly highlighted Impeaching the President among all the Politics/Current Events books coming out in Fall 2018
Jun 22, 2018

Kirkus Reviews

"Amid the partisan passion, an illuminating primer of analysis and context lowers the temperature on this hot-button issue. By the end of this volume, readers may still disagree on whether the current president should be impeached, but the debate will be better informed by an understanding of precedent and Constitutional conditions. . . . A cogent analysis that builds a common-sense case for proceeding with caution and against using impeachment as a partisan weapon."

Publishers Weekly

"Ousting a president is a complicated and uncertain endeavor, according to this perceptive study of impeachments. . . . [This book] shrewdly assesses the impeachability of President Trump based on his alleged offenses . . . . Hirsch's lucid prose and careful analysis make the book a fine corrective to cavalier popular rhetoric surrounding discussions of impeachment."—Publishers Weekly