Sarajevo Blues
Sarajevo Blues
Translated by Ammiel Alcalay

From one of Bosnia's most prominent poets and writers: spare and haunting stories and poems that were written under the horrific circumstances of the recent war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Semezdin Mehmedinovic remained a citizen of Sarajevo throughout the Serbian nationalists' siege and was active throughout the war in the city’s resistance movement, as one of the editor’s of the magazine Phantom of Liberty. Sarajevo Blues was originally published at the end of 1992 and was the first book in the Biblioteka "egzil-abc" series, published in Ljubljana, which provided a forum for Bosnian writers and translators under siege or living in exile. Semezdin Mehmedinovic says that "writing is, finally, quite a personal thing that doesn’t make much sense unless you are practicing for the last word." For those Bosnians emerging from the siege or still in exile, these “last words” remain intimate possessions, one of the last bastions left against the commodification of tragedy.

"Sarajevo Blues is widely considered here to be the best piece of writing to emerge from this besieged capital since Bosnia's war erupted in April 1992." —Washington Post

"A Supreme masterpiece witnessed and redeems with total detachment. I have experienced this only twice in my life: with Zoran Mušic's drawings from Dachau and Semezdin Mehmedinovic's Sarajevo Blues. This book will be a classic." —Tomaž Šalamun, The book for my brother

"Sarajevo Blues is at once a battle report and a philosophical investigation. in poems, micro-essays, and prose vignettes, Semezdin Memedinovic charts the collapse of a world with heart-breaking clarity and precision. his book conveys the same clear-eyes passion for the truth that one finds in the young Hemingway, the Hemingway of in our time." —Paul Auster, Book of Illusions

Title Sarajevo Blues
Translated by Ammiel Alcalay
Publisher City Lights Publishers
BISAC Subject Heading POE000000 POETRY
Title First Published 01 December 1998
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 122 p.
ISBN-10 087286345X
ISBN-13 9780872863453
Publication Date 01 December 1998
Main content page count 122
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $14.95

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