Useless Landscape
Useless Landscape
Or, A Guide for Boys

In D. A. Powell's fifth book of poetry, the rollicking line he has made his signature becomes the taut, more discursive means to describing beauty, singing a dirge, directing an ironic smile, or questioning who in any given setting is the instructor and who is the pupil. This is a book that explores the darker side of divisions and developments, which shows how the interstitial spaces of boonies, backstage, bathhouse, or bar are locations of desire.

With Powell's witty banter, emotional resolve, and powerful lyricism, this collection demonstrates his exhilarating range.

I have this rearrangement to make:
symbolic death, my backward glance.
The way the past is a kind of future
leaning against the sporty hood.

—from "Bugcatching at Twilight"

Title Useless Landscape
Subtitle Or, A Guide for Boys
Author D. A. Powell
Publisher Graywolf Press
Tags signed
Title First Published 14 February 2012
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1555976050
ISBN-13 9781555976057
Publication Date 14 February 2012
Weight 32 oz.
List Price $22.00

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