Funeral Diva
Funeral Diva

Pamela Sneed honors Big Mama Thornton -- Poetry Project Newsletter
Jul 1, 2020

"Like Big Mama Thornton, I too was raised in the church. My grandfather was a baptist preacher. My grandmother sang spirituals. I credit the black church for my love and introduction to poetry, the music and art I was surrounded by, and through the lyricism of preachers and women's testimonies I learned poetry. Through this upbringing I identified with Big Mama Thornton and how she came to music. . . ."—Pamela Sneed

Publisher's Weekly -- Most Anticipated Fall 2020 Poetry Books!
Jun 19, 2020

Funeral Diva by Pamela Sneed (Oct. 20, $16.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-87286-811-3). Poet and performer Sneed revisits her coming-of-age during the late 1980s as a black lesbian during the AIDS era in New York City, and considers the lasting role of art through writing that invokes her literary forebears, including James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Toni Morrison.

"I Can't Breathe" featured on poem-a-day
Jun 18, 2020

About This Poem:"I wrote this poem in late March or early April 2020, after I lost two distant friends to AIDS and COVID. I knew both of them from the New York night club days when we were all younger. They were both beautiful black gay men and I was grieving. Also, the question I always ask is, if we are the threat as big black people, where do we turn for protection?"—Pamela Sneed

Interview on "Aptly"
Jun 1, 2020
"Pamela Sneed has always been ahead of her time. . . . In recent years she's begun to get the recognition she has long deserved. . . . Sneed proudly identifies as a black lesbian and some of the most interesting moments of our conversation were when she discussed her time in New York City during the AIDs crisis. . . . Her new book Funeral Diva covers her experiences during the era both as a survivor and one who mourns for the voices lost. It is forthcoming from City Lights books in October."—Quentin Greif, Aptly

Pamela Sneed reads "A Tale of Two Pandemics"
May 19, 2020

At the 56 minute mark, Pamela Sneed joins hosts Karen Finley & George Emilio Sanchez at "Cope-ah-Pandemic," a virtual event "held" by Cafe La MaMa in New York City.  Sneed reads a new work featured in Funeral Diva, "A Tale of Two Pandemics."

Pamela Sneed reads "Funeral Diva"
Feb 9, 2015

Recorded at Artists Space Books & Talks, February 9 2015.

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