A Good Day to Die
A Good Day to Die
Jim Harrison

The genius hilarity of Harrison is solidified in his second novel of pure poetic adventure. Fast paced and reminiscent of Bukowski, Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. It's a drug-filled alcoholic rage when a group of three people set out to save the Grand Canyon from a Dam being built. This is a road novel which includes Vietnam flashbacks, ecological terrorism and a case of dynamite. —Recommended by Don, City Lights Books

Their plans were conceived in a drunken excitement and resulted in more horror than any of them could have imagined. There was the poet able to retreat into beatific reveries of superb fishing in cold, fast streams; the Vietnam vet consumed by uppers, downers and violence; and the girl who loved only one of them—at first. With their ideals ostensibly in order, they set out from Florida to save the Grand Canyon from a dam they believed was being built. Along with the tapedeck for the car, the liquor and the drugs, there was also a case of dynamite.

Title A Good Day to Die
Author Jim Harrison
Publisher Delta
Title First Published 15 August 1981
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 180 p.
ISBN-10 0385283431
ISBN-13 9780385283434
Publication Date 15 August 1981
Main content page count 180
Weight 16 oz.

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