João Gilberto Noll

Translated by Edgar Garbelotto

Like an Edenic Adam birthed from the clay, our narrator rises to his feet from the muck―reborn, or something like that. Unbeknownst to him, he's on a desperate search for Harmada, the capital city of an unnamed nation and the land of his former glory. Told using Noll’s characteristic fragmented logic and spirited prose, Harmada traces the life of this nameless man on a voyage that takes him from aimless outcast to revered director of avant-garde theater, from asylum patient to father to God, conjuring along the way essential questions about the power of art and storytelling, the vanity of glory, and the meaning of freedom.

A mythic tale of art and displacement nimbly translated from Portuguese by Edgar Garbelotto, Harmada serves as yet another reminder of João Gilberto Noll’s sublime literary power: generous in its mystery; earthbound in its essential urges; and entirely unpredictable.

Title Harmada
Author João Gilberto Noll
Translated by Edgar Garbelotto
Publisher Two Lines Press
Title First Published 10 November 2020
Format Paperback
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1949641058
ISBN-13 9781949641059
Publication Date 10 November 2020
Weight 16 oz.

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