Edited by Sharon E. Bliss, Kevin B. Chen, Steve Dickison, Mark Dean Johnson, Rebeka Rodriguez

Press Reviews

San Francisco Chronicle

"The City Lights Foundation has published Prison Culture, a thought-provoking collection of art - everything from paintings to poems to plays - that explores the experience of incarceration. Produced in collaboration with San Francisco State and Intersection for the Arts, the book also features essays by and interviews with prominent artists, scholars and activists."

Prison Photography

"Prison/Culture is simultaneously a consolidation of achievement, a fortification of resources and celebration of resistance. This may be a book with a Californian focus, but it has national and international relevance. Succinct, well researched, egalitarian and lively."

—Pete Brook

Daily Kos

"Prison/Culture chronicles classical and contemporary artistic exploration of the prison and the power of the arts to both educate and liberate."