Beat Atlas

Beat Atlas
A State by State Guide to the Beat Generation in America
Photographs by Allen Ginsberg
Foreword by Nancy J. Peters

Bloomsbury Review

"As worthy of a place on the shelf as in the backpack."


"Morgan's San Francisco and New York City tour guides were especially wonderful for people visiting the two cities with a keen interest in digging up the old Beat haunts – Beat Atlas, though, covers so much more ground, and creates widespread intrigue, bringing literary history into the reader’s home state and far beyond."

Library Journal

"A gold mine of information on the homes and haunts of the Beat Generation, this book will especially interest those who are already Beat enthusiasts."

The Daily Beat

"I absolutely love this book. It's quirky, interesting, and practical. This is a travel guide that you will pick up just to read, in addition to using it for finding Beat destinations to visit. Beat Atlas has my highest recommendation." --Rick Dale, The Daily Beat

Lincoln Star Journal

"A decade ago, Beat Generation chronicler Morgan created a walking tour guide to Jack Kerouac's New York City. A couple of years later he did the same for San Francisco, tracking the haunts of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and their associates. With this new guide, Morgan has gone national, listing where the Beats lived, worked and traveled. That they managed to hit all the 48 contiguous states is no surprise, but some of the places are. Lincoln makes the list for Ginsberg's 1960s poetry reading visit, and Omaha, Grand Island and North Platte were all part of Kerouac's cross-country journeys recorded in "On The Road." For Beat aficionados, it's fascinating and fun."


"Whether you're a road-tested backpacker or just an armchair traveler, this guide, by archivist and author Bill Morgan, will lead you to noteworthy Beat locales in all 50 states, beyond Greenwich Village and North Beach, the main hubs for the post-WWII literary movement."

Geist, Issue 81 Summer 2011

"But without a copy of Beat Atlas: A State by State Guide to the Beat Generation in America (City Lights) tucked into your rucksack you're likely to overlook the Atlantic Whiteflash station in Manchester, Connecticut, where Kerouac pumped gas to earn a bit of money while living in nearby Hartford during the fall of 1941; or the small home at 116th and Greenwood in Seattle, where the poet Michael McClure lived with his maternal grandparents as a young boy; or Buena Vista, Colorado, where the eighteen-year-old Neal Cassady was sentenced to a year in the Colorado State Reformatory in July 1944."

- Michael Hayward

The Beat Review

"Beat Atlas invites readers to retrace Beat paths, not along the familiar terrain of Greenwich Village or North Beach, but down the highways and byways in between, through diners and dive bars, communes and college campuses across the US. Like its predecessors, Beat Atlas so brims with information that even readers who consider themselves well versed in Beat lore are bound to learn something new."

Beat Scene, No. 64 Spring 2011

"Morgan has all the big names you might expect but he goes further to rope in Philip Whalen, John Ashbery, Bob Kaufman, Robert Duncan, John Wieners, Philip Lamantia and countless others. Bukowski is documented and I'm cheered to see him included."

- Colin Cooper