Poems Retrieved

Poems Retrieved
Introduction by Bill Berkson
Edited by Donald Allen

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"How Poet Frank O'Hara Taught Us to Be Gay"

Writer Christopher Hennessey from The Gay & Lesbian Review discusses how Frank O'Hara, author of Poems Retrieved, taught us what it means to be "gay." 

-Christopher Hennessey, The Gay & Lesbian Review Jul 18, 2013

O'Hara on The Rumpus' Rumblr Tumber

The Rumpus features a poem as well as a link to Barbara Berman's review on The Rumpus

-Barbara Berman ,The Rumpus Jun 14, 2013

The New York School Poets Blog

The New York School Poets Blog announces Poems Retrieved

-Andrew Epstein, The New York School Poets Blog May 28, 2013

Poems Retrieved on The Volta

The Volta features Poems Retrieved as  "their pick" plus features a poem

-The Volta May 24, 2013

Poems Retrieved on Radar's Tumbler Lookbook

Michelle Tea posts up about Poems Retrieved on Radar's Tumblr!

-Michelle Tea, Radar Productions May 20, 2013

The Official Frank O'Hara Website

News of Frank O'Hara's "Poems Retrieved" is announced!

-Maureen Granville-Smith

An excerpt from "Poems Retrieved" on the Poetry Society of America's website

An excerpt from Bill Berkson's introduction, plus 2 poems from the book are featured.

-Poetry Society of America

"Newly Surfaced Footage of Frank O'Hara in Richard Moore’s USA: Poetry (1966)"

Newly surfaced footage of Frank O'Hara from a film by Richard Moore: USA: Poetry (1966). As noted in the video, O’Hara died a few weeks after this film was completed. "Suds in the lake / suds in my heart." Courtesy Thirteen/WNET New York, Richard O. Moore and the Estate of Frank O’Hara.

-Harriet Staff, Poetry Foundation Dec 4, 2012

Chelsea Light Moving performs "Frank O'Hara Hit"

Thurston Moore says, "Today is July 25 and it's my birthday. I'm 54. This song is called Frank O'Hara Hit. And it's by this band I started called Chelsea Light Moving. Right now we're whipping around Europe playing some summer love-cry gigs. . . . "

-Chelsea Light Moving Jul 25, 2012

"Frank O'Hara Hit"

Thurston Moore's new band, Chelsea Light Moving, performs "Frank O'Hara Hit," an ode to the bard Frank O'Hara.  City Lights will publish O'Hara's Poems Retrieved in May 2013. Video shot in Copenhagen, June 2012.

Jun 1, 2012

Don Draper does O'Hara

Mad Men's Don Draper recites Frank O'Hara's "Mayakovsky" on an episode from the 2008 season.

Aug 13, 2008