Because We Say So

Because We Say So
Foreword by Henry A. Giroux

Shepherd Express

"During the Vietnam War, MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky decided to become involved in events outside the academy. Since then, he has critiqued the news media, both political parties and every president for their moral failures and thralldom to corporate interests. Because We Say So, a collection of essays written from 2011-2015, accuses the U.S. government of enabling the Israeli government's worst impulses and condemns the American habit of consigning the victims of our foreign policy to 'unpeople' status. Even if you disagree, Chomsky's writings can force us to examine our unexamined assumptions about the world."—Dave Luhrssen

"Our Man in Boston" recommends Noam Chomsky's latest.
Nov 9, 2015

Nice write up for Because We Say So.

- Our Man in Boston

The Hindu

"The essays are scathing and Chomsky brilliant, as a public intellectual engaged in a concerted and committed campaign to break the 'big lie' of an increasingly consolidated authoritarian state that has embarked on global military destruction in the name of humanitarian undertakings."—Shelley Walia