The End of Youth
The End of Youth

Press Reviews

"Throughout her writing career, Brown has exhibited a rare sensitivity in delving into difficult, uncomfortable material - death, disease, imperfect bodies and minds... in this slim book... there's also humor and sensuality so intense it's visionary..." - San Francisco Chronicle

"A strange and wonderful first-person voice emerges from the stories of Rebecca Brown, who strips her language of convention to lay bare the ferocious rituals of love and need." - The New York Times Book Review


"Rarer than the newness, the wit, the vivid readability, is the deep caring understanding, the wholeness, the truth with which this astonishing, haunting writer creates her people." -Tillie Olsen

"In The End of Youth, her new collection of stories and essays, Brown turns [a] gentle yet relentless gaze onto herself -- or rather, onto scenes remembered from her childhood. The result is effortlessly perverse and frequently hilarious." -Booklist