The Thin Man
The Thin Man

"Do you suppose he killed her?" Nora asked when I put the paper down again. "Wynant? I wouldn't be surprised. He's batty as hell." "Did you know her?" "Yes. How about a drop of something to cut the phlegm?" "What was she like?" "Not bad," I said. "She wasn't bad-looking and she had a lot of sense and a lot of nerve—and it took both to live with that guy." "She lived with him?" "Yes. I want a drink, please." "Why don't you have some breakfast first? Was she in love with him or was it just business?" "I don't know. It's too early for breakfast." —Recommended by Maia, City Lights Books

Also recommended by Jeff, City Lights Books

Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett's most enchanting creations, a rich, glamorous couple who solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis. At once knowing and unabashedly romantic, The Thin Man is a murder mystery that doubles as a sophisticated comedy of manners.

Title The Thin Man
Publisher Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
Title First Published 17 July 1989
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 208 p.
ISBN-10 0679722637
ISBN-13 9780679722632
Publication Date 17 July 1989
Main content page count 208
Weight 16 oz.

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