Broken World
Broken World

as if that plain fact were enough and would last:
as if that plain fact were a fact not a sky:
as if a green sky were a fact not a face:
as if that plain face were sky and enough:
as if that green sky were a face and would

– Picked by Laney, City Lights Books

"Poems as cool as they are passionate, as soft-spoken as they are indignant, and as fiercely Romantic as they are formally contained. . . . An exquisite collection!"-Marjorie Perloff

With musical grace critics have likened to that of Robert Creeley, Elizabeth Bishop, and William Carlos Williams, Joseph Lease mixes a storyteller's rhythm with lyric beauty to create a collection filled with humor, political bite, and psychological intensity. In a country where "money has won everywhere," but the essential promise of democracy still beckons, these poems uncover our troubled psyches and show us what it might mean to be "Free Again."

Title Broken World
Author Joseph Lease
Publisher Coffee House Press
Title First Published 01 April 2007
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 70 p.
ISBN-10 1566891981
ISBN-13 9781566891981
Publication Date 01 April 2007
Main content page count 70
Weight 16 oz.

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