My Archives (With Life in Footnotes)
Andrei Codrescu

Award-winning author Andrei Codrescu's Bibliodeath: My Archives (With Life in Footnotes) surveys the evolutionary relationship between language and technology by examining his own career as a prolific American writer for more than four decades. Born in Transylvania, Romania, Codrescu’s journey spans from his earliest days as a scattered poet in the 1960s to his founding of the journal Exquisite Corpse in 1983 to his ongoing commentary today on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. Amid the release of some of his most celebrated books, the author’s story is an insightful address of the survival of the literate world and the transformation of print, told through suspenseful reflection and alluring, signature footnotes.

Title Bibliodeath
Subtitle My Archives (With Life in Footnotes)
Author Andrei Codrescu
Title First Published 29 December 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 168 p.
ISBN-10 0983868336
ISBN-13 9780983868330
Publication Date 29 December 2012
Main content page count 168
Weight 16 oz.

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