Absence of the Hero

Absence of the Hero
Uncollected Stories and Essays, Vol. 2: 1946-1992
Introduction by David Stephen Calonne
Edited by David Stephen Calonne

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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

"The following is from Absence of the Hero: Uncollected Stories and Essays, by Charles Bukowski, Volume 2, 1946-1992, edited by David Stephen Calonne (City Lights).

'LA Free Press August 22, 1975:

Down around Sunset, about Sunset and Wilton, near the freeway exit and by the gas station, you'll see them sometimes in their uniforms with swastika. They wear pleasant looks on very white faces and hand out literature. They also wear helmets and some of the boys are big enough to play for the L.A. Rams. They are ready: members of the American Nazi Party. Well, it's Hollywood and one thinks of it more like part of a grade B movie, but then there are those who will tell you that it began that way over there, too -- just a few guys standing around who should have been fingering girls in the back seat of the movie house. Next thing you knew they were sitting at the sidewalk cafes of Paris, getting it off. But then if you're going to allow the Communist Party and the Socialist Party and the Gay Party and the Demos and Repubs, you can't very well say, well, the Nazi Party has no right to exist. So there they are but they intend to get the average person more wrought up -- memories of ovens and Pathé Newsreels of Hitler screaming, and then they are wearing uniforms that don't exactly remind some of Jack Oakiein bell-bottoms.'"

-Reality Sandwich Apr 13, 2010

Lecturer's book looks at 'Beat' era author

"From Mark Twain to Lil Wayne, obscenity, sex, drugs and alcohol have long existed in the fabric of American literature and the lives of those who wrote it.

Though today, one merely has to turn on the radio or prime time television to get their fix, 60 years ago American literary luminaries like Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski were inspiring writers across the country to embrace their inner rebel, in what is known as the Beat movement.

Eastern Michigan University lecturer Dr. David Calonne has spent most of his life reading and studying the American beat writers and the author who inspired them.

Last week Calonne released his second collection of unpublished works by Bukowski, entitled 'Absence of the Hero.'"

-Jeff Gerding, The Eastern Echo Apr 4, 2010