The Day Of Creation
The Day Of Creation
A Novel

"At Port-la-Nouvelle, on the parched terrain of central Africa, Dr. Mallory watches as his clinic fails and dreams of discovering a third Nile that will make the Sahara bloom. When there is a trickle on the local airstrip, and soon a river, the obsessed Mallory claims it as his own creation. Joined by Noon, a silent adolescent girl who as a child ran with the local guerrillas; Professor Sanger, a documentary filmmaker with a fading reputation; and Nora Warrer, the widow of a Rhodesian veterinary surgeon, the remains of whose menagerie flourish exotically amid the land's new fertility, Mallory sets out for the river's source. The Day of Creation is a metaphysical adventure story dealing with complex themes—the life-giving qualities of water, the cold eye of television, obsession, love—all set in a dream Africa, as if hallucinated by Joseph Conrad." —Angela Carter

Title The Day Of Creation
Subtitle A Novel
Author J. G. Ballard
Publisher Liveright
Title First Published 01 May 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 288 p.
ISBN-10 0871404044
ISBN-13 9780871404046
Publication Date 01 May 2012
Main content page count 288
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $15.95

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