Lit Up Inside ***Unsigned Version***

Lit Up Inside ***Unsigned Version***
Selected Lyrics
Introduction by Eamonn Hughes
Foreword by David Meltzer, Ian Rankin

"Book review by David Delegator on WVXU radio"
Jan 30, 2015

Listen to David Delegator on WVXU radio review Lit Up Inside: Selected Lyrics by singer/songwriter Van Morrison and Eamonn Hughes.


Portland Book Review

"Van Morrison is renowned as a singer, songwriter, and rock artist. None of these descriptors do him justice. Very few rock and roll 'poets' would survive artistically if their songs appeared on the printed page without the music or the musical arrangements. . . Once the reader gets over the shock of not hearing the music for these lyrics, or the brilliant arrangements that often accompany this music, a thoughtful and brilliant poet stands for all the world to see."—Dick Weissman, Portland Book Review

Van Morrison: Lit Up Inside playlist on Aspen Public Radio
Dec 6, 2014

Andrea Young at Aspenbeat devotes half her show to the music included in Van Morrison's Lit Up Inside. (Begins at minute 34). She says, "The best part of the book is it immediately reconnects you with Morrison's amazing songwriting and performing talent.  And who wouldn't want to know which songs mean the most to someone of the stature and fame of Morrison."

- Andrea Young, Aspenbeat

Greil Marcus on Van Morrison
Jun 5, 2010

"Usually, when a writer shows up at a bookstore and reads from or talks about a book he or she has written, people ask questions: how do you write? Where do you get your ideas? What made you write this book? But not this time. This time, in San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, people weren't necessarily interested in my stories about Morrison. They wanted to tell their own stories. Many of these stories revolved around what people took to be a fundamental contradiction: that they could be so moved by, so caught up in, something made by someone who seemed to want nothing to do with them. This person lived out part of my life, and he won't acknowledge it. He put a spell on me, but he won't tell me how. I heard it again and again."

- Greil Marcus, The Guardian

Austin Chronicle

"If you've heard Morrison's marble gruff, it booms in your ears while reading Lit Up Inside . . . a travelogue moving out of the Emerald Isle into the arms of Socrates and Plato, Whitman and Yeats, Rembrandt and Rimbaud— Sidney Bechet, Sonny Terry, and Brownie McGhee. Epic ballads, songs of worship, Celtic history: Lit Up Inside, a roaring jukebox of the printed page."—Raoul Hernandez

San Francisco Chronicle

"Irish poet W.B. Yeats once posed the question 'How can we know the dancer from the dance.' He suggested that they're inseparable. Much the same might be said about Van Morrison, the contemporary Irish musician who seems at one with his songs, though Lit Up Inside, a collection of his lyrics, provides an opportunity to be beguiled by the words and not by the singer himself. Born in Belfast in 1945 and raised on the blues, Morrison came of age when poetic young men turned to song to express love, loneliness, beauty. As John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Morrison recognized, the spoken word accompanied by a guitar rocked the world. Lit Up Inside shows that Van Morrison tells stories, creates moods and boasts the kind of romantic imagination that soars in the work of the poets he mentions in this volume, including Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Blake. Morrison isn’t name-dropping, only sharing the literary heroes who inspired him."—Jonah Raskin

Blurt Magazine

" . . . the combination of deep personal content and universal humanity tucked inside Morrison's songs was largely lost on me until reading the verses as a whole in Lit Up Inside (City Lights 2014), the first published collection of his lyrics, handpicked by the songwriter. It is within these songs—written in Morrison’s own Irish, romantic, soul code, with their carefully planned lines and studied notes and phrases, learned from jazz and classic blues and early rock 'n’ roll—the story of Morrison’s life unfolds."—Denise Sullivan, Blurt Magazine

"Feature on Robert Birnbaum's 'Our Man in Boston' Blog"
Sep 9, 2014

"The big news for devotees of Van Morrison is that he has deigned to authorize a book of his lyrics entitled Lit Up Inside to be published by City Lights. The two hundred page tome will include one-third of the lyrics Morrison has written over the course of his career."

- Robert Birnbaum, Our Man in Boston

"Publishers Weekly Feature on the 'Big Indie Books of Fall 2014.' "
Aug 22, 2014

"Lit Up Inside [is] a collection of Van Morrison's lyrics that the singer/songwriter specifically wanted published by City Lights and its founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti. . . . This is the only book that Morrison has ever endorsed in an official capacity. It brings together the lyrics of 100 songs from his 50-year, 40-album career. Introduction by Eamonn Hughes; foreword by David Meltzer."

- Judith Rosen, Publisher's Weekly

"Lit Up Inside Featured on Ultimate Classic Rock"
Aug 7, 2014

"One of rock's more interview-shy luminaries, Van Morrison has always preferred to let his songs speak for themselves—and they’ll do just that this fall, when he debuts Lit Up Inside, a collection of selected lyrics spanning his entire career."

- Jeff Giles, Ultimate Classic Rock

"Book's release announced on 'Paste’s' website"
Jul 16, 2014

"Though Van Morrison's tunes are among the most recognizable in the world, the Northern Irish singer-songwriter has kept his life relatively private. Music enthusiasts will finally get a glimpse into his creative consciousness with the release of Lit Up Inside, a collection of 100 lyrics curated by Morrison himself. This will be the first literary work published with Morrison’s blessing. It includes an introduction by Queens University professor Eammon Hughes and a foreword by beat poet David Meltzer. Morrison chose City Lights to release the book because of the house’s consistent commitment to artistic integrity, from the beat generation forward."—Julia Cook, Paste

- Julia Cook, Paste

Article on Salon
Sep 19, 2000

"The Irish singer-songwriter has identified himself with poets from Blake to Yeats, and like those 'poetic champions,' he has searched for the right words, the right feeling, as if for the Holy Grail. . . . "

- Sean Elder