Lit Up Inside ***Unsigned Version***

Lit Up Inside ***Unsigned Version***
Selected Lyrics
Introduction by Eamonn Hughes
Foreword by David Meltzer, Ian Rankin

Eamonn Hughes

Eamonn Hughes is Senior Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast's School of English. He was appointed as Assistant Director of the Institute of Irish Studies in 2005 and was its Acting Director in 2007-8. He was one of the founders of the British Association for Irish Studies in 1985 and for the next five years was a member of its Executive Committee. He co-organized the Queen's English Society for many years and sits on the management committee of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry , which now organizes literary readings and talks at Queen's University. He was a member of the Combined Arts Committee of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and has been on the Steering Committee of the Between the Lines Literary Festival since its inception in 1996. He is also a regular contributor to Irish cultural publications and broadcasts regularly on arts and culture on BBCNI. He is a member of the Irish Studies Research Forum and of the Postcolonial Studies Research Forum at Queen's. He has lectured on numerous aspects of Irish Literary and Cultural Studies in many countries.