To Die in Mexico

To Die in Mexico
Dispatches from Inside the Drug War

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Interview on Democracy Now

"Amidst outrage in Mexico over the disappearance of 43 students, Democracy Now interviews John Gibler about the U.S. role in the country's violence. According to the Center for International Policy, the United States has spent approximately $3 billion to fund the so-called war on drugs in Mexico. Since the war on drugs began under President Felipe Calderón in 2006, more than 100,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence. U.S. support includes $2.4 billion in taxpayer funds through the Merida Initiative, launched as a three-year aid program for Mexican security forces under the administration of George W. Bush. The Obama administration has extended the Merida Initiative 'indefinitely.'"

-Amy Goodman, Democracy Now Nov 13, 2014

Political Perspectives on 09/21/11

"John Gibler's new book, To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War, is a shocking and fast paced account of Mexico’s bloody Drug War, told from those on the ground floor. Gibler travels the plazas now being fought over or completely controlled with impunity by Mexico’s violent drug cartels. He captures the stories told by families who have lost loved ones to the war on the streets; journalists who barely escape assassination, convicted traffickers, government officials and those risking their lives to bring about some kind of real change."

-Carlos Chavez Sep 21, 2011

FDL Book Salon Welcomes John Gibler, To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War

"The book is a petite (in size) but muscular book of reportage mostly about the folks who see all this before almost anybody: the reporters and photographers in Chihuahua, Sinaloa and elsewhere."

-Sam Quinones, Firedoglake Aug 6, 2011

Cultural Baggage Radio Show

Listen to John Gibler discuss the effects of the continuing violence in Mexico on the Cultural Baggage Radio Show.

-Dean Becker, Drug Truth Network Jul 17, 2011

Letters and Politics

John Gibler speaks about the trials journalists face in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico relationship influencing the ongoing Drug War.

-Mitch Jeserich, Letters and Politics Jul 5, 2011

To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War

"John Gibler talked about the drug war in Mexico, which has claimed the lives of 34,000 Mexicans since 2006, and the involvement of the Mexican army and police in the drug trade. He responded to questions from members of the audience at Moe's Books in Berkeley, California."

-C-SPAN: Book TV Jul 12, 2011

Behind the Mexican Drug war

"It's incredibly bloody -- and incredibly misunderstood. What has come to be known as the Mexican drug war, but would be better viewed as the US-Mexico drug trade, has claimed 40,000 lives since 2006, including those of many journalists. Mexico-based writer John Gibler talks about the politics and economics of an industry that involves enormous sums of money, territorial violence, mega-profits, and the collusion of governments and banks."

-Sasha Lilley, Against the Grain Jun 21, 2011

John Gibler reads from To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War

"In conjunction with Global Exchange, John Gibler visited City Lights Bookstore on June 15th, 2011 to read and talk about his new book, To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War."

-City Lights Jun 15, 2011

To Live and Die in Mexico: PW Talks with John Gibler

"Gibler, a San Francisco-based journalist, reports from the front lines of the drug war in To Die in Mexico. He risked his own life to bring readers the stories of communities struggling to survive in a land terrorized by violence and where the authorities are complicit in—and profiting from—the chaos."

-Liza Monroy, Publishers Weekly Jun 1, 2011

Latin Waves Interviews John Gibler
-Latin Waves, Jan 3, 2011