Under the Dome
Under the Dome
Walks with Paul Celan
Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop
Introduction by Robert Kaufman, Philip Gerard

Jean Daive

Author of over fifteen collections of poetry and seven volumes of fiction, Jean Daive has been an important voice in French letters for over 35 years. His first book of poetry, Décimale blanche, published in 1967, received much attention; his subsequent volumes have often been ongoing, serial volumes—Narration d'équilibre, Trilogie du Temps, La Condition d'infini—each exploring a specific concept and/or formal question across three or more volumes. Daive's work has received extensive critical attention both in full-length volumes and numerous articles. Also a translator, he has published translations of the poetry of Paul Celan, Robert Creeley, Norma Cole, and others. Daive has also exerted great influence: during his decades of work in radio, as a producer at France Culture; as president of the Centre International de Poésieà Marseille (CiPM); and as the founder and editor of four successive poetry journals: Fragment in 1969, fig. in 1989, Fin in 1999, and K.O.S.H.K.O.N.O.N.G. in 2013. He lives and works in Paris.