The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

McCullers has a way of making her straight-forward, richly Southern voice sound as if she is speaking profound truths about the world around her, that of the 1940's and 50's deep South. This is her first novel (written at age 23!) and it is widely considered her best. —Recommended by Maia, City Lights Books

When she was only twenty-three, Carson McCullers' first novel created a literary sensation. She was very special, one of America's superlative writers who conjures up a vision of existence as terrible as it is real, who takes us on shattering voyages into the depths of the spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition. This novel is the work of a supreme artist, Carson McCullers's enduring masterpiece. The heroine is the strange young girl, Mick Kelly. The setting is a small Southern town, the cosmos universal and eternal. The characters are the damned, the voiceless, the rejected. Some fight their loneliness with violence and depravity, Some with sex or drink, and some—like Mick—with a quiet, intensely personal search for beauty.

Title The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Author Carson McCullers
Publisher Modern Library
Dewey Classification 813.52
Title First Published 18 May 1993
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 448 p.
ISBN-10 0679424741
ISBN-13 9780679424741
Publication Date 18 May 1993
Main content page count 448
Weight 32 oz.
List Price $18.00

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