Houses of Ravicka
Houses of Ravicka
Renee Gladman

From a foremost literary imagination; the reader (re)enters
the strange city-state of Ravicka—follows the city's only comptroller as they examine the strange topography and architecture of the city. Truly something else.—Recommended by Jared

Ravicka's comptroller, author of "Regulating the Book of Regulations," seems to have lost a house. It is not where it's supposed to be, though an invisible house on the far side of town, which corresponds to the missing house, remains appropriately invisible. Inside the invisible house, a nameless Ravickian considers how she came to the life she is living, and investigates the deep history of Ravicka--that mysterious city-country born of Renee Gladman's philosophical, funny, audacious, extraordinary imagination.

Title Houses of Ravicka
Author Renee Gladman
Publisher Dorothy, a Publishing Project
Title First Published 01 November 2017
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 152 p.
ISBN-10 0997366664
ISBN-13 9780997366662
Publication Date 01 November 2017
Main content page count 152
Weight 16 oz.

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