Live Cinema and Its Techniques
Live Cinema and Its Techniques

Francis Ford Coppola
City Lights Booksellers, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, Thursday, September 21, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

a reception and booksigning celebrating the release of

Live Cinema and Its Techniques

by Francis Ford Coppola

published by Liveright Publishing

*  Mr. Coppola will only be signing books purchased at City Lights. We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing memorabilia or books purchased elsewhere.

From one of the masters of twentieth-century cinema, an indispensable and entertaining guide to a visionary new form of moviemaking that can be appreciated by the avid film buff and general movie lover alike.

Keenly aware that advancements in digital tools have literally revolutionized every technological aspect of cinema over the last twenty-five years, Francis Ford Coppola is convinced that this same transformation will profoundly alter the way films are conceived and directed, bringing changes as momentous as those when moviemaking shifted from the silent era to "talkies." Already such a prototype exists in sports, where advanced digital technology and multiple cameras all filming at once have produced live sporting events of extraordinary sophistication that are regularly viewed on one's television screen. But the time is not far off, Live Cinema and Its Techniques demonstrates, when a director or a collaborative team of filmmakers working across the internet will create "live" movies that will be sent instantly via satellite for viewing throughout the world.

Francis Ford Coppola, the Academy Award–winning director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, is creating a four-part "live cinema" movie based on his own family's multigenerational history. He lives in Napa Valley, California, and New York.

Advance Praise for Live Cinema and Its Techniques:

"In this surprising new book—part memoir, part diary, part guide—Francis Ford Coppola reenergizes himself and the reader with his search for a new way of storytelling. Live Cinema and Its Techniques blends elements of Coppola's autobiography, his encyclopedic knowledge of film and television, and his creative process toward a new language of cinema." — William Friedkin

"This is a gold mine of a book, intensely personal, and a rocket ride to the potential future of cinema/theater/television.  It is simultaneously an intimate confessional and a magic key to the storehouse of Coppola's hard-won sixty years of wisdom about writing, directing, actors, rehearsals, and groundbreaking technique, and his visionary hopes for the cinematic language." — Walter Murch

"Invoking intimate details of his childhood, some that he's never shared before, Coppola conjures up the magic world of television in the 1950s.  Readers interested in the new technology will find this an eminently user-friendly book, but it is also peppered with brilliant personal observations about the most basic principles and techniques of filmmaking that will also fascinate readers who have no interest in making live cinema but simply loved The Godfather." — Wendy Doniger, author of The Ring of Truth, and Other Myths of Sex and Jewelry

"Coppola's natural abilities as a storyteller, regardless of the medium, are evident here. Sections dealing with his relationship to the prehistory of live cinema are as personally revealing as they are fascinating. . . . This consummate filmmaker's enthusiasm for cinema is infectious." — Publishers Weekly