Strange Hotel
Strange Hotel
A Novel
Eimear McBride

A nameless woman enters a hotel room. She's been here once before. In the years since, the room hasn't changed, but she has. Forever caught between check-in and check-out, she will go on to occupy other hotel rooms. From Avignon to Oslo, Auckland to Austin, each is as anonymous as the last but bound by rules of her choosing. There, amid the detritus of her travels, the matchbooks, cigarettes, keys and room-service wine, she negotiates with her memories, with the men she sometimes meets, with the clichés invented to aggravate middle-aged women, with those she has lost or left behind--and with what it might mean to return home.

Urgent and immersive, filled with black humour and desire, McBride's Strange Hotel is a novel of enduring emotional force.

"No writer currently working excites me more than Eimear McBride--in her writing of the body, in her radical reimagining of the sentence, in her invention of new intimacies. Nothing else feels so fresh, so radically new. Strange Hotel challenges and expands my sense of what art can do. Each of McBride's novels feels like an event--not just in English-language literature but in the English language itself. "
--Garth Greenwell, author of Cleanness and What Belongs to You

"In Strange Hotel, a nameless woman's voyage through a string of hotel rooms gradually reveals an inner world of striking tumult and depth, as her meditations draw her, and us, deeper into the unsettled tides of her own past. Eimear McBride has created a powerfully hypnotic novel of consciousness, one that traces the intricacies of thought and memory in prose so thrilling, so dagger-sharp, it makes the heart race."
--Laura van den Berg, author of The Third Hotel

"A load-bearing beam of a book carrying a whole mansion (or possibly hotel) of meaning. It gives you the almost eerie sense of reading a future classic, but is also a novel reaching back into many byways and private roads of world literature."
--Sebastian Barry, The Guardian

Title Strange Hotel
Subtitle A Novel
Author Eimear McBride
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Title First Published 05 May 2020
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 0374270627
ISBN-13 9780374270629
Publication Date 05 May 2020
Weight 32 oz.

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