The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness

A pivotal work of feminist science fiction, this is a moving story of friendship, love, and the human condition, which takes place on the planet Gethen known as "Winter" and populated by androgynous beings. This book made me think about myself differently, and about the power of companionship and survival. --Recommended by Jade, City Lights Books

Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year

A groundbreaking work of science fiction, The Left Hand of Darkness tells the story of a lone human emissary to Winter, an alien world whose inhabitants can change their gender. His goal is to facilitate Winter's inclusion in a growing intergalactic civilization. But to do so he must bridge the gulf between his own views and those of the completely dissimilar culture that he encounters. Embracing the aspects of psychology, society, and human emotion on an alien world, The Left Hand of Darkness stands as a landmark achievement in the annals of intellectual science fiction.

"As profuse and original in invention as The Lord of the Rings." --Michael Moorcock

"What got to me was the quality of the storytelling. She's taken the mythology, psychology--the entire creative surround--and woven it into a jewel of a story." --Frank Herbert

"Evocative." --The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

"An instant classic." --Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"[A] science fiction masterpiece." --Newsweek

Title The Left Hand of Darkness
Author Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher Ace
Title First Published 01 July 2000
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 320 p.
ISBN-10 0441007317
ISBN-13 9780441007318
Publication Date 01 July 2000
Main content page count 320
Weight 8 oz.

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