To Love as Aswang
To Love as Aswang
Songs, Fragments, and Found Objects

The Philippine aswang is a mythic, monstrous creature which has, since colonial times, been associated with female transgression, scapegoating, and social shaming, known in Tagalog as hiya. In the 21st century, and in diaspora, she manages to endure. Barbara Jane Reyes's To Love as Aswang, the poet and a circle of Filipino American women grapple with what it means to live as a Filipina, or Pinay, in a world that has silenced, dehumanized, and broken the Pinay body. These are poems of Pinay tragedy and perseverance, of reappropriating monstrosity and hiya, sung in polyphony and hissed with forked tongues.

Title To Love as Aswang
Subtitle Songs, Fragments, and Found Objects
Publisher PAWA Publications
Title First Published 15 November 2015
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 83 p.
ISBN-10 0976331683
ISBN-13 9780976331681
Publication Date 15 November 2015
Main content page count 83
Weight 16 oz.

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