Close to the Machine
Close to the Machine
Technophilia and Its Discontents

Press Reviews

“There are no crazed hackers here; no zen-master software moguls; no media stereotypes; just a wonderfully written book about Ullman’s days and nights at the heart of the new machine. I recommend it with unfettered enthusiasm.” - Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle

“Her talent enables readers to explore intimately, and without forced profundity, one of the biggest questions of our time: What it is about numerical, seemingly inhuman world of computing that holds such power, wholly human allure.” - Brad Wieners, editor, Wired Books


“Computer programmers are remaking the world. Here is ground truth about that world-making and brilliant critique of it. The reader vibrates between delight and alarm on every page.” -Stewart Brand

“This memoir of life in the electronic world is reckoning, a warning, a seduction. It is also very funny.” -Rebecca Brown

“This book is a masterpiece, an exquisitely melancholy cry from a body disappearing into the machine. It is a wrenching swan-song for human beings. I have never read anything like it because nothing like it could have been written before. Here is the perfect way to say goodbye to the millennium.” -Andrei Codrescu