The Complete Stories
The Complete Stories

How many writers get their own adjective? The work of this terminally alienated master narrator of the subconscious demanded a new descriptor; I guess they gave up and just settled on "Kafkaesque." But if you ever wonder what the original Kafkaesque work was, take a look here. The book contains all of Kafka's short and longer stories -- everything but his three novels. Most of these stories weren't even published during the author's lifetime. The widely-anthologized The Metamorphosis is here, wherein Gregor Samsa awakes from uneasy dreams to find himself insectoidally transformed, as are equally lovely pieces like A Hunger Artist, A Country Doctor and A Little Woman.

Title The Complete Stories
Author Franz Kafka
Publisher Schocken
Title First Published 14 November 1995
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 512 p.
ISBN-10 0805210555
ISBN-13 9780805210552
Publication Date 14 November 1995
Main content page count 512
Weight 16 oz.

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