Local Girl Makes History
Local Girl Makes History
Exploring Northern California's Kitsch Monuments

Chapter 1: "Redwood Empires"
A visit to the 2,000 year-old redwood slice on display at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Frank traces the narrative of imperialism inscribed on its rings.

Chapter 2: "Clan of the Cave Train Ride"
Frank visits the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's Cave Train Ride to find out who the "Cave People" might be, and interviews the Boardwalk's designers, builders, and riders.

Chapter 3: "Upstairs, Downstairs at The Cats"
A visit to the two "Stone Cats" by Highway 17 in Los Gatos.  Frank presents an exposé of the Bohemian poets who erected "The Cats" in the 1920s and their relationship with their Italian immigrant servants.

Chapter 4: "I Heard it Through the Pulgas Water Temple"
A visit to the Pulgas Water Temple, up the San Francisco Peninsula by Highway 280 on Crystal Springs Reservoir.   Frank discusses urban myths about the temple and its relationship to the legendary Hetch Hetchy water system.