Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds

Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds
The Teachers of WritersCorps in Poetry and Prose

Edited by Chad Sweeney

Rain Taxi

"For Minahal and the anthology's other firty-nine contributors, the place of poetry and fiction in their students' lives proves indisputably relevant. With grit and sophistication, this collection chronicles the use of art as creative social instrument, and attests to literature's enduring contemporary importance." —Rachel Mennies

Multicultural Review

"Some 50 writers in the San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Bronx WriterCorps programs reflect on teaching and its effect on their writing, then offer a sample of their own poetry or prose. Reconciling dual identities, honoring ancestors, shouting out, coming out, or just learning to listen are treated with vibrancy, wisdom, and style." —Gail Hall Howard

Oklahoma Observer

"The next time you get to thinking such government sponsored programs don't work, check out this book. It will inspire you and make you proud at the same time."
—Mike Nobles

The Brooklyn Rail
"This anthology cuts across the board. It's an important sampler, not only of poetry, but also of the rainbow underbelly in the rough hoods of Washington, DC, San Francisco, and the Bronx. It is also valuable as a chronicle of hope and a reminder that poetry is a shared endeavor. " —Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

The Bloomsbury Review

"This stunning and important gathering of writers fuses creative work with intimate testaments to the power of writing to change the lives of both students and teachers."

Teaching the Power of Words
Apr 12, 2009
"For its 15th anniversary, WritersCorps honors the teachers who have been role models and mentors to children and teen writers from low-income communities. The organization, which champions the arts and literacy in underserved neighborhoods in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York, has created a new anthology, 'Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds: The Teachers of WritersCorps in Poetry and Prose,' featuring writing by those working in the literacy program. To celebrate  the book's release, a reading at 7 p.m. Wednesday at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco includes appearances by storytellers Myron Michael Hardy, Elissa Perry, Milta Ortiz, D. Scott Miller, Chrissy Anderson-Zavala and Karla Robinson. Under Janet Heller, founder of the San Francisco WritersCorp, 15,000 youths have participated." - Christina Troup, The Examiner