Practical Philosophy
Translated by Robert Hurley

Reader comment | Apr 28, 2013, Jair Matrim
Gilles Deleuze's re-synthesized and digested account of Baruch Spinoza's 17th century philosophy, reiterates and further compounds one of the most vital critiques thought has ever produced. Enter the text with a problem, and you might find yourself unraveling it entirely. The reading is difficult but understanding the concepts represents an actual capacity for life, namely, the reader, to act and think freely. Freedom is the solution to a moral life, but freedom is not cheap or to be taken for granted. It requires rigorous comprehension of cause and effect in thought. Follow the detailed parallelisms of mind and body in Deleuze's account of Spinoza's work, and the connection with life and death, joy and sadness, and the view is grand!
Reader comment | Oct 6, 2009, Amber
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