The Gift
The Gift
Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World
Lewis Hyde

By now a modern classic, The Gift is a brilliantly orchestrated defense of the value of creativity and of its importance in a culture increasingly governed by money and overrun with commodities. Widely available again after twenty-five years, this book is even more necessary today than when it first appeared. An illuminating and transformative book, and completely original in its view of the world, The Gift is cherished by artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers. It is in itself a gift to all who discover the classic wisdom found in its pages.

Title The Gift
Subtitle Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World
Author Lewis Hyde
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 04 December 2007
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 464 p.
ISBN-10 0307279502
ISBN-13 9780307279507
Publication Date 04 December 2007
Main content page count 464
Weight 16 oz.

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