It was morning in America when Raymond Carver's Cathedral came out in 1983, but the characters in this dry collection of short stories from the forgotten corners of land of opportunity didn't receive much sunlight. Nothing much happens to the subjects of Carver's fiction, which is precisely why they are so harrowing: nothingness is a daunting presence to overcome. And rarely do they prevail, but the loneliness and quiet struggle the characters endure provide fertile ground for literary triumph, particularly in the hands of Carver, who was perhaps in his best form with this effort.

Title Cathedral
Author Raymond Carver
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 18 June 1989
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 240 p.
ISBN-10 0679723692
ISBN-13 9780679723691
Publication Date 18 June 1989
Main content page count 240
Weight 16 oz.

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