Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost
City Lights Spotlight Series No. 15

The Rumpus
Apr 5, 2019

"So many poets are producing fearless, important work, and work that does not slight craft when facing our political reality. Holy Ghost, by David Brazil, is an example of this kind of work."––Barbara Berman

"On Holy Ghost: An Interview with David Brazil"
Aug 6, 2018

David Brazil interviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

- Yosefa Raz

Publishers Weekly

"Part of Brazil's worldview seems to be the perception that we are living in philosophically meager times, a new Dust Bowl of spiritual and moral poverty. He means to galvanize dissent, to encourage 'righteous action rhetoric can't break.' Through a clever patois, Brazil mixes elevated and colloquial language, benediction and idiom, to create captivating juxtapositions: 'in the splendid garden of the lambent forms, I'm/about to ask y'all a question.'"

Dec 12, 2017

"Brazil's poems are incantations, rhythmic, jagged, calling. He creates an atonal, jazzy, and welcoming spirit, as in 'Holy Ghost Coast': 'Where’d we / get these jams, the / junkhouse me, an / aspiration in the civil conflict finding / tone where it starved in a field.' With each poem in this firmly structured collection, the reader moves further into the spheres of the dead, though the material world remains within reach, anchored to the flesh, feelings, and actions of the living. Brazil’s word choices are compelling. In 'My Polis' he writes, 'My polis is a / gnostic / happenstance.' Though there is an echo of John Cage–like change music, Brazil’s poetry is drawn from the language, sounds, and beat of everyday life, made new and alluring."—Raúl Niño

"Holy Ghost among finalists for California Book Awards"
Mar 28, 2018

Empty Mirror

"Brazil [has] thrust back into the collective imagination [that] perhaps the bulk of our efforts should not be spent on petty inner disputes but rather on spreading the message that capitalism is unsustainable and that a new system can arise if we believe, faithfully, that it can. . . . Both [Brazil and John Milton] recognize the privileged position faith must take in an any sort of revolutionary act. While Milton reminds us to that hell can be made into a heav'n, Brazil turns our gaze towards the future: '[t]he joy that comes, the world that comes, ensemble.’"—Michael Kirby

Rain Taxi

"Holy Ghost expresses the ideological cacophony of our times and juxtaposes it against the simplicity of human need. . . . impossible to ignore. . . . Holy Ghost is a songbook of anti-classist marches, a ratatat book of hours for the disenfranchised, but it doesn't offer its comforts easily, or with easily-quotable snippets. There is digging to be done here to unearth the fragile temple in the rubbish of incarnation."—David Nilsen

"2017 Poetry Books I'm Excited About"
Jan 19, 2017

"City Lights describes this new collection from multi-vocational poet Brazil as 'a hymnal with secular burdens,' which is both poetry in itself and more than enough to get me intrigued. Brazil is an activist and a Christian pastor, and this collection explores the intersection of class politics and Christian spirituality, two worlds that are too often seen as in conflict, when they ought to work in harmony." —David Nilsen

"Holy Ghost featured in Publishers Weekly's Spring 2017 Announcements"
Dec 9, 2016