The Political Edge
The Political Edge

Edited by Chris Carlsson

Press Reviews

"The Political Edge... uses the unique organizing strategy and palpable energy of the Gonzalez campaign as a jumping off point for a study of alt-politics and the potential for real change in San Francisco." -


“An unexpected gem of a book. The two-dozen essays are uniformly excellent . . . brittle, bristling and brilliant writing. These are mostly young voices, fleeing to San Francisco along with a hundred Armies of the Night . . . that keep the city still crazy after all these years.” -Richard Walker, author of The Conquest of Bread, and professor of geography, UC Berkeley.

“The spirit of democracy is alive and well, and thrives in the people of San Francisco as they fight the expropriators who have run their city for a century and a half . . . Chris Carlsson has put together a vibrant snapshot of that spirit.” -Chris Clark, editor of Faultline