I Must Resist

I Must Resist
Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters
Foreword by Julian Bond
Edited by Michael G Long

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"Michael Long discusses the life of Bayard Rustin"

Michael Long discusses the life of Bayard Rustin and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on KCAA 1050 AM. 

-Michael Long, The Kathleen Wells Show Sep 4, 2013

"Mother Jones discusses Bayard Rustin"

"Michael G. Long, who edited I Must Resist, tells Mother Jones the accolades are long overdue. 'Rustin is finally emerging out of the shadows,' he says. 'This is a man who labored for decades behind the scenes. And he labored there willingly, but he was also pushed there and kept there and confined there by civil rights leaders.'"

-Lauren Williams, Mother Jones Aug 27, 2013

"I Must Resist: Updating Bayard Rustin's Dream of Work for All"

Podcast interview of Michael Long about "I Must Resist."

-The Commonwealth Club Aug 21, 2012

"'I Must Resist' is a finalist for the Lambda Awards 2013!"

I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters edited by Michael Long is a finalist for LGBT Nonfiction in the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards!

-Tony Valenzuela, Lambda Literary Mar 6, 2013

"Southern Baptists, Gay Rights and the Freedom Rhetoric of Martin Luther King, Jr. "

Can homosexual rights activists be faulted for appropriating the rhetoric of the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King?  Michael Long, editor of "I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters" discusses.

- Michael Long, The Huffington Post Jun 25, 2012

"I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters"

CSPAN Book TV features Michael Long's event at the Schomberg Center in New York City on March 21, 2012, where he was interviewed about his book I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters.

-CSPAN Video Library May 31, 2012

Would King Have Evolved on Gay Rights?

"President Obama's declaration of support for marriage equality has created an uproar in Christian communities across America, and nowhere more poignantly than in the Black Church where the President is largely admired, but which has traditionally been more socially conservative on issues of sexuality. . . . Professor Michael Long, who is the editor of 'I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters' explains that King's response was notable for how temperate it was given that during this time LGBT people were commonly referred to as perverts and sociopaths by religious leaders such as Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Billy Graham. However, Long is clear that King did not ever publicly proclaim or embrace the views that fuels the modern LGBT civil rights movement. In fact, King remained silent during the beginnings of the homophile movement of the '50s which, at the time, was taking inspiration from the black civil rights movement."

-- Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Senior Religion Editor, Huffington Post

-Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Huffington Post May 30, 2012

Interview with Michael Long

PA Books, a book show that airs on Pennsylvania Cable Network, Camp Hill PA, features their interview with Michael Long regarding his book I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters.

-PA Books, Pennsylvania Cable Network May 20, 2012

"In 'I Must Resist', Bayard Rustin lived a life with no apologies"

The Root DC discusses I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters with editor Michael G. Long and Bayard Rustin's legacy.

-Erin Williams, The Root DC Apr 11, 2012

"Bayard Rustin: A Complex Legacy"

An article recounting the life of Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin and the current interest in the legacy he left behind. "I Must Resist: The Life and Letters of Bayard Rustin—a new book and collection of correspondence from Rustin as well as letters about him, including those from FBI files—shows a more personal side of the activist."--Yasmin Nair, Windy City Times

-Yasmin Nair, Windy City Times Mar 28, 2012

"Bayard Rustin at 100"

The Indypendent discusses Bayard Rustin's legacy and involvement in the Civil Rights movement as an activist and why is name is widely unknown. "I Must Resist (ed. Michael Long) . . . put his story into fascinating, insightful perspective."


-Kenneth Crab, The Indypendent Mar 24, 2012

"City Lights publishes new book of Bayard Rustin's letters"

"City Lights Books has published a new edition of the letters of civil rights leader Bayard Rustin,  I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters. March 17th marked the centennial of Rustin's birth. One of the Civil Rights Movement’s chief architects, he died in 1987 at the age of 75. Michael G. Long, who edited the 522-page volume of letters, answered some questions about Rustin and his meaning today."

-The St. Louis American Mar 22, 2012

"Bayard Rustin Centennial Celebration 2012"

"This week From the Vault celebrates what would have been the 100th birthday of one of the unknown and unsung heroes of the American Civil Rights Movement, Bayard Rustin. From the Vault also chats with Michael G. Long, editor of I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters, a new book from City Lights Publishers which chronicles the life of the openly-gay and pacifist civil rights leader."

-From the Vault Mar 19, 2012

"Duluth Could Learn a lot From Rustin"

Robin Washington of the Duluth News Tribune discusses Bayard Rustin's connection with The Civil Rights Movement.

-Robin Washington, Duluth News Tribune Mar 18, 2012

"Recognition Overdue for Bayard Rustin"

Edmund Newton of The Root writes about the long overdue credit Civil Rights activist Bayard Rustin deserves. "He was an intellectual bank that civil rights and political leaders could go to for ideas," said Michael G. Long, editor of I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters (City Lights), scheduled to be released on the centennial of his birth."

-Edmund Newton, The Root Mar 16, 2012

"Authors Talk: Michael Bronski and Michael G. Long on Bayard Rustin's Legacy"

Michael G. Long, editor of I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters, interviews talks with Michael Bronski about the legacy of Bayard Rustin. "From civil rights activists to performance artists, many this month are celebrating the life and legacy of gay civil rights pioneer Bayard Rustin who, among other things organized the 1963 March on Washington and was a cherished adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rustin would have turned 100 on March 17, and his long time partner, Walter Naegle, told audiences at 'Voices Out Loud,' a recent Washington, D.C. evening of spoken word, film, speeches, and music in celebration of Rustin, that the work that the activist started 'is far from over.' Author Michael G. Long agrees. The editor of I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters, Long sat down with Michael Bronski, author of A Queer History of the United States, to talk about Rustin's legacy."

-Barbara Anderson-Minsall, The Advocate Mar 16, 2012

"Rustin Instilled Power To The People"

"Read J. Edgar Hoover's letter urging then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy to take action against the gay super-strategist of the Civil Rights Movement, Bayard Rustin." --Michelle Garcia

This article also includes an excerpt from I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters.

-Michelle Garcia, The Advocate Mar 16, 2012

"Bayard Rustin, West Chester's Gay Civil Rights Icon"

An article about Michael G. Long's I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters on Bayard Rustin and his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement as an openly gay activist.

-Marty Moss-Coane, WHHY Radio Mar 12, 2012

"In Rustin's letters, 'lost prophet’ speaks for himself "

Bobbi Booker from PhillyTrib.com discusses Bayard Rustin's acheivments and legacy in Michael G. Long's book, I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters.

-Bobbi Booker, PhillyTrib.com Mar 11, 2012

"Civil Rights Gay Pioneer Bayard Rustin Awarded 100th Birthday Proclamation"

The late Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin has been awarded a proclamation by Tom Bates, the mayor of the City of Berkeley, California, to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of Rustin's 100th birthday.

-Stuart Wilbur, The New Civil Rights Movement Mar 7, 2012

"Late Civil Rights leader still building bridges"

Andy Humm discusses the openly gay Civil Rights activist Bayard Rustin's role in the Civil Rights Movement and how his legacy is still alive today. "Bayard Rustin did not just talk the talk, but walked the walk and paid dearly for it whether beaten on a bus he was trying to desegregate in Nashville in 1942 or imprisoned during World War II for resisting the draft and later for opposing British colonial rule in India and Africa."--Andy Humm

-Andy Humm, The Villager Mar 6, 2012

"Bayard Rustin: the architect of the March on Washington you may have never heard of"

An article from Newsworks.org discussing civil rights leader Bayard Rustin and his contribution to the civil rights movement in New York City alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

-Kimberley Haas, Newsworks.org Feb 29, 2012

"For Bayard Rustin's Partner, an Effort to Preserve Legacy"

"Rustin would have turned 100 in March, and Walter Naegle, Rustin's partner when the activist died in 1987, saw the milestone as an opportunity. The same characteristics once seen as a hindrance to the movement make him one of its most fascinating characters. Now might be the time to push Rustin’s story to the forefront of American consciousness, Naegle thought." --Robert Samuels

-Robert Samuels, The Washington Post Feb 2, 2012

What did MLK think about gay people?

"We know what King thought about race, poverty and war. But what was his attitude toward gay people, and if he was alive today would he see the gay rights movement as another stage of the civil rights movement? That's not the type of question most people will consider on this Monday as the nation celebrates King’s national holiday. Yet the debate over King’s stance toward gay rights has long divided his family and followers. That debate is poised to go public again because of the upcoming release of two potentially explosive books, one of which examines King’s close relationship with an openly gay civil rights leader, Bayard Rustin. . . . King would have been a champion of gay rights today because of his view of Christianity, says Michael Long, author of, I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin’s Life in Letters."

-John Blake, CNN Jan 16, 2012

Five Things to Know about Bayard Rustin

Read the five things you need to know about Bayard Rustin!

-Jake Speicher, West Chester Patch Jan 16, 2012

"Brother Ousider: The Life of Bayard Rustin"


Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and its national broadcasts on PBS' P.O.V. series and on Logo/MTV, Brother Outsider has introduced millions of viewers around the world to the life and work of Bayard Rustin--a visionary strategist and activist who has been called 'the unknown hero' of the civil rights movement. A disciple of Gandhi, a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., and the architect of the 1963 March on Washington, Rustin dared to live as an openly gay man during the fiercely homophobic 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

The recipient of more than 25 awards and honors, Brother Outsider has been shown at The United Nations, The Kennedy Center, and for members of Congress, as well as at hundreds of schools, community forums, labor gatherings, faith organizations, and film festivals; it is also being used widely in workplace diversity presentations at corporations, law firms, and other companies. To inquire about scheduling a screening at your workplace, school or organization, please send an email to info [at] rustin [dot] org"

Sep 28, 2011

In Memorium: Brother Bayard

"Bayard Rustin, even in today's more liberal climate than those he organized in for so many long years, isn't given his due for two main reasons: he had been a member of the Communist Party and he was gay."

-Denise Oliver Velez, Daily Kos Aug 28, 2011

"Conversation with Julian Bond"

"Julian Bond in conversation with The Washington Posts's Jonathan Capehart, discussing the connection between the Black civil rights movement and the Gay civil rights movement."

-In the Life Oct 13, 2008

"Conversation with Michael Long"

"Michael Long, editor of I Must Resist, discusses a previous book First Class Citizenship: The Civil Rights Letters of Jackie Robinson.  Interviewed by The Washington's Post's Kevin Merida."

-CSPAN Book TV's After Words Jan 30, 2008